Shanaki Martial Arts, Inc.
4th Degree Master L. Leigh Shannon Arrendondo
"If A Child Lives With Security He Will Have 
Courage To Embrace The World”.

     Leigh is the youngest daughter of Master Penny Shannon and runs the Atlanta division of Shanaki.  Leigh, as a twenty year veteren , started the martial arts at a very young age, as did all of the Shannon children. Leigh has a degree as a Medical Assistant, has worked as a stylist and is presently pursuing an A.A.S. degree in Para Legal Studies.

     In addition to studying traditional karate, Leigh also trained and competed in Sports Karate. During her career, she won the North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and the Tennessee State Championship Three years in a row. Leigh was also Rated by the North American Sports Karate Association ( NASKA) in the top Three Juniors in The United States. 

    "Working in an 'Atlanta Non-Profit Women’s Center’ has proven Time-and -Time again, that Self Defense and Self Esteem truly go Hand-in-Hand. Making it my Goal to teach Women and Children to understand boundaries and to know how to protect and empower themselves and others for success." 

     A devout wife and mother of two boys, whom also study the martial arts, besides living 'The Martial Way ' Leigh also follows her own creed that states:

                                                             I Am a Future Black Belt!
                              It is my duty to show respect to my parents, teachers, and my friends.
                               I will show personal discipline even when others around me do not
                             I will use my knowledge to empower others and not to tear them down.

                                                             These are my virtues,
                                    Value, Honor, Self Respect
                           Self Defense, Courage, Integrity, Humility